Mission Statement

I am Johanna Oras, a contemporary fine artist.

I am Johanna Oras, a contemporary fine artist.

My work and my dreams are the same thing. I want to guide you to a world where only a painting can take. That journey is always an enormous adventure for me; some of the waypoints are inspiration, research, story-telling, sketching and the dialogue with the unfinished work – but the finest moment is always the first stroke of the paintbrush, on an empty canvas. And every painting is a trip to selfhood, inside myself – but also, to humanity.

My paintbrush is the baton I use to conduct the symphony of my life. And it is via that music – my paintings – I want to share with you those emotions and that powerful energy I feel myself.

I want to heal, to comfort, to entertain, to love. To create a concrete form to all these feelings – and countless more. A painting.

I live. Therefore I paint.