This summer, the festivities resume at Johanna Oras’ Art Manor

Contemporary visual artist Johanna Oras is celebrating her 50th birthday year with exhibitions and events around Finland, and her latest works are on display right here in the embrace of Saimaa at her exquisite Art Manor. The theme this year is ‘I’m every artist’, which will play a big part in revealing just how multitalented and multidimensional Johanna Oras is. When the curtain parts you will see Oras’ signature flower, the calla, in new adventures and taking a whole new level in the design world. Do we have a new classic at our hands?

Johanna Oras fearlessly fuses the art worlds classics, visions of the future and natures harmonies to quench her thirst to create. The stories behind her art are touching, funny and might even agitate their viewer.

Johanna Oras has yet to meet her match in the art field. Oras doesn’t fit in any box, refuses to be compartmentalized and will not set foot on any road that’s already been paved. Oras will paint her way herself.

Johanna Oras is every artist.