When you look into my world
I hope is sets you free!
No guilt, no shame, no bitterness so painful
Take my keys, to open the eternal space
Full of riddles, small miracles,
Magnificent fantasies – my dream
This is my world;
Desire, fulfillment, the secret in the horizon.

Johanna Oras


I have once been in the eye of the storm – literally. That firework of the nature was such a dramatic experience that I couldn’t put my mind at ease before I was able to capture that experience to my canvas.

When the sky rages
In the eye of the storm
Are we going to perish, together?

The brightest of colors, to glitter on the canvas
You can feel the sea of flames
The notes and the paintbrush, the bliss oh so sweet
The cruelty fades out, to let the love conquer!

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The Italian word “Primavera” means spring. An artist needs and loves light and that’s why I always embrace the spring when it arrives. I was born in late April and have always been a child of the spring. In this painting you can feel the glimpse of the flower markets in Nice and the parade of flowers (bataille des fleurs) and their bliss and joy.


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Black Swan

I was inspired by the movie of the same title; the battle between good and evil in human mind is a never-ending topic to an artist.

The black and white are engaged in their dialogue, the dark orchid is looming in the back – but doesn’t cast its shadow over the white one, innocent and sensitive. The black feather represents a dark angel, the silvery background sparkles – but in my interpretation the light brightens the shadows, the good overcomes the evil.

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The Guardian Angel

The path of a child, in the woods he roams
A lovely angel, to guide and abide
The journey so long, no sign of home
But the lovely angel, always by his side..

Those are the lyrics of a hymn we used to sing when we very kids. And although it is a psalm, in the painting I am not confessing my faith in God or angels… but in everything!

As an artist, I want to keep my mind open; to study and t obe stimulated by everything, from occultism to theosophy.

In this painting the calla has has taken the figure of the guardian angel and is protecting the rose; a little child.

Vignette: Guardian angel, by Eeli Jaatinen

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La Cumparsita

Somewhere, the music begins to play
Gently, softly, carrying you away
Tango, waltz, whatever is your kind
Two callas, together in my mind
Looking for one another, to embrace
Passion, kisses, hot burning eyes
Pain? It’s all over the place.

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