Johanna Oras – Faith.Art.Love

Faith is support.
Art brings hope.
Love conquers all.

The multitalented contemporary visual artist Johanna Oras is bringing her art to Punkaharju once again this summer. The ‘Faith.Art.Love.’ – exhibition will take a look at the mysteries of life, nature and art.

Life is a mathematical equation. The ratios of the Fibonacci sequence approach the golden ratio. The golden ratio is the core of art, design, and nature. Art is the embodiment of peoples’ endless creativity. Even the history of mankind begins with art.
Johanna Oras is giving you a map, with which you cannot get lost. A map of the golden ratio, with which you can see faith, art and love.

The paintings of the summer exhibiton 2022 hold small universes within them. These universes withhold even smaller universes and so on and so on. What if everything we see is a small universe on its own? What if the way we look at the world isn’t forever expanding, but getting smaller and smaller from the edges of the universe? Johanna Oras asks: What if?

The paintings have very stylish and trendy bubbles. Small bubble worlds are safe, but oh so delicate. You can freely take a moment to be in your own bubble.

The exhibiton also showcases Johanna’s favourite themes that have once again gained a new perspective and edge. Also the fascinating ‘Kalla goes masters’ series will have continuation with a new take on Edelfelt and Dali.

The little villa is renewed, the Kallary showroom will reside there once again with new colours that invite you into the exciting world of Finnish design. The art shop is more delightful than ever, with fantastic new products as well as the old classics.

The atelier, the sacred space of creation, is as magical and atmospheric as always.
Creativity is behind all that we do. After infinity comes creativity.


Art Manor Johanna Oras Punkaharju

Tuunaansaarentie 5
58450 Punkaharju
Open every day 10-18
Midsummersday 10-16
Free entrance 

Opening 2021

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